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Dragon Mist Farm Irish Wolfhounds

Dragon Mist Farm Irish Wolfhounds

Dragon Mist Farms is committed to producing quality Irish Wolfhounds from world-class bloodlines. The site is used to advertise puppies when available and provide information on Irish Wolfhounds. Many thanks to Meg Crocker-Curtis for helping us make our dream come true in the form of our own Irish Wolfhound baby, Fergus!


SAS Architects

This site showcases the diverse projects of the Burlington, VT-based architecture firm. Extensive use of rollovers and popup windows feature the many photographs on the site.


The Flynndog Gallery

The Flynndog Gallery - "a space for artists and other angels" - is located in the south end of Burlington, Vermont. WWD created a simple, low color site design to allow the featured artwork to shine through as the focus of the site. JavaScript rollovers are used to display images one at a time on the home page and to add visual interest to the navigation.


The Vermont State Committee of the National Museum of Women in the Arts

The Vermont State Committee of the National Museum of Women in the Arts

A simple, easy-to-navigate, fast loading site for a nonprofit organization that "promotes the recognition and appreciation of Vermont women artists' work locally and nationally."


Town of Johnson, Vermont, the Web site for the Town and Village of Johnson, Vermont. This site design was a volunteer project for WWD, in collaboration with JAZ Design Company, who provided hosting and development services.


Low Mileage Art

(micheal smith) is an artist living in Underhill, Vermont. His work has been displayed in various galleries around the state and in New York City. WWD built this site "from the ground up"; design, navigation, graphics, javascript, image scanning and optimization. As Mike continues to produce work, WWD updates and maintains the site.

Mike's ambition is to be "the used car salesman of the art world" so we went with a colorful, fun design scheme. The primary focus of the site is, of course, the artwork, so the site design centers on presenting the work in a way that is easy to use and view. The "recent work" section features thumbnail images that, when clicked, open new windows to display a larger image. This method allows users to select which paintings they want to see without having to wait for multiple bandwidth-heavy images to load.

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