your best friend on the web!

Here are some of the great resources we have found on the Web. If you have recommendations for this list, please !

  • Silicon Dairy - if you live in Vermont, these guys are great. I don't get "kicked offline" - which happens a lot with other ISPs - and it's only $15 a month for unlimited dialup access. Please mention me when you sign up; that's another cool thing about Silicon Dairy - if you refer someone, you get $1/month off your bill for as long as that person is a customer!
  • A List Apart: "for people who make websites"
  • verify your site's browser compatibility
  • scripts and resources
  • Dynamic HTML Central: scripts, demos, tutorials and help
  • stock.xchng: the leading FREE stock photo site
  • WWD uses Macromedia Dreamweaver to build sites. The Dreamweaver Exchange is a great site for Dreamweaver users; offers free and paid downloads of extra features and scripts to add to your software



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